Saturday, June 8, 2013

International Painted Plastic Flower Pots

The pot at the top is what the bottom two looked liked before acrylic paint made their acquaintance. :)  I shipped the two painted pots to a fellow blogger who loves cats, gardens and lives in England. Gotta say, I sweat bullets the entire time as I prayed nothing would happen to the pots in transit. They did arrive in England safe and sound and in one piece. WOW--I am international now! :)


Old Kitty said...

Awwwwww lovely Lisa!! They have pride of place on my table!! They are wonderful - thank you thank you thank you!!! Take care

Thomasina said...

You are so welcome, Kitty! :) You have been one of my biggest supporters in this adventure. I am so glad you (Charlie and Gumtree too) liked them.

jo said...

can i be cheeky and ask how you did this.... i really want to have a go. xxx

Thomasina said...

Jo, you're not being cheeky at all! :) I apologize for the delay in response. The process is not difficult at all--I promise. For this, I used plastic flower pots.

They were pretty sturdy plastic pots too.Gave them a quick sand paper rub, then I sprayed a paint primer for plastic. You may not really need this step,yet I felt safer. Let that dry, and then PAINT. The colors I used were acrylic craft paint, with some maybe all in the metallic shades--especially the blue one. If I remember right, I painted the base coat, let it dry, then sponge painted on the rest. Once it dries, I sprayed with an acrylic sealer--and then you have it!! Good luck!