Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Show n Tell on Wednesday

Etsy. Me. 

I mentioned the other day how I opened a shop on Etsy. I am an entrepreneur. My procrastination hormone was in overdrive. Any and every reason I could think of to NOT open my own business--large or small.  Don't have enough items posted. Not enough inventory. What if items weren't mailed in a timely manner? What if the world told me to pack up and leave?  
So after alot of talking my own self silly, and the fact I ran out of ice cream--I decided to jump in.  Reminded by friends and my cat Noir, that Hallmark wasn't always what it is today...Which of course made think I need to write a script so it can be adapted for a movie on their Hallmark Channel--alas, that dream still percolates! 
****For now, it is Esty and my kitty stationery--a dream  for awhile now--we will see how true the dream becomes!

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