Saturday, November 3, 2012

I tell ya what--I gotta maybe re-think this whole fancy book learnin' thing I got going on. I just took a Sociology test online. Not so good. I thought I'd answer all 50 questions.
I missed three questions. Somewhere in the middle of the pack. I had but 9 seconds to go. If  I'd gone back the WHOLE test would not have counted. Not enough time. Considering the grade I received--not sure it much matters. *sigh*
I know I must re-do my strategy. My impatience holds strong. I just want classes done. 
This semester I took 4 classes. The beauty of that, they all started and ended at  different times. As of  today, I have successfully completed one class, while another class ends on Wednesday--and you know about my dropping of the Statistics class. So, all is left is the Sociology class I stunk up on the exam tonight. 
Checked the syllabus, I have two more tests and I can try to get some extra credit.
Blue Bell Cookies n Cream Ice Cream calls my name. That is a test I know I can pass.
Stay tuned.
PS. The painted flower pot posted is a new creation----plastic. Those don't break in the mail. :)

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Old Kitty said...

Oh noes!!! But you have two more tests so good luck with these and I do hope they go well!! You can do these classes!!!

Aww that's one amazing gothic looking bowl!!! Yay! Take care