Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 21 --Two Anniversaries!

One anniversary I do remember, while other--well, not so much. 
***OK. The anniversary I do recall happened when I was all of 15 years old. Yep. On this night, August 21, my BFF and I were driven to the Iowa State Fair, in Des Moines by her mom and older brother. Any other time we would be hankerin' for some good ol' Iowa corn dogs or even a look at the infamous butter cow--but not this time. Nope.
*****This night was my first ever Osmond Brothers concert. This is way before Donny sang with Marie or Jimmy being the Long Haired Lover from Liverpool.  This was the five performing Osmond Brothers. We sat in Section B, Row 4, seats 11 & 12.  Back then Donny threw a purple cap out the audience. Alas, if I had raised my hand, I might have caught it. The cap went to the girl directly behind me. Such heartbreak at 15. :) Nonetheless, it was my first Osmond concert. The memory makes me smile to this day. Here's a link of the Osmond Brothers on Flip Wilson. When I saw them that night, I made up my mind I would see them somehow--some way--in concert. And I did. 
**********And the anniversary, I don't quite remember?  Tucked away in a tackle box (yes, a tackle box, my mom painted gold) is a calendar.  Well, just one month actually.  August. Each day, my Mom wrote something on it--especially that Dad had gall bladder surgery, and when they paid $25 to the doctor.  Just a word or so on an August day to show plans or Mom's happenings. I read each day, as if to have a connection with my mom. Especially on August 21.
**On the calendar, my Mom wrote how she wrote her mom a letter (who lived just 40 miles away). The letter was to inform Mom's mom, that she was pregnant--with me.  I was my parents' fifth try for a baby. I can only imagine thoughts and fears my mom had. If this pregnancy would go horribly wrong like the others. I wish I had a copy of the letter my mom wrote that night.
*****On this night, I smile at both memories--even if I can only remember one. 

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