Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Done

Did some editing on a few documents for a co-worker tonight. Actually it was for the Eye Candy I work with. He goes, "You're the author."  Yea. OK.  Well, EC eventually gave me about four pages total. I asked him how much of an edit did he want?  I learned folks can get a little testy when they say do "Anything, you want"--and then you do anything and they get  upset because their masterpiece is ruined.  Sure, I know a run on a sentence can get the best of em.  Anyway, I told EC I needed a treat--this was around lunch time today. Bless his six foot five self, he brought be back a Dairy Queen Chocolate Blizzard. Kinda melted, yet still solid enough to savor the ice cream. After survey, I realized I could not sneak a few words here there while at work. So home is were I edited it more. 
**Yea. Took a couple hours I did not expect. The four pages, wound up being six, because of the seperation of the the pieces of the documents. Cats got bored as I typed away and I even wondered why am I not working my novel like this?
***** I digress.  I text'd EC when I emailed the documents to him. Haven't heard back, so I am sure we'll chat tomorrow.  
**Oh, and did tell him earlier, that little yummy Chocolate Blizzard ain't gonna be enough for what he wanted as the final product. Like I need me a couple 40 pound bags of cat stay tuned.

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Old Kitty said...

Oooh ice cream is a start!! Did you enjoy doing the editing though? Cos if you did - then that's another brilliant way to flex ye creative muscles and get more cat litter! LOL!!! Why not? You can do this! Take care