Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jar in a Jam

A new crafty thing attempted: Paint on glass.    
***First the jar. My first attempt to paint on glass. This is a two liter mason jar purchased for a buck at The Good Will--last autumn.  Yea. Well, I tried a crafty thing where I tried to Mod Podge leaves on the jar. Uh--not quite a the success I thought it would be. I soaked and washed off the jar, then used cotton balls dabbed in alcohol to take care of whatever residue was left. Plaid Folk Art Enamel paints, including the red base coat were used on the mason jar. .  
****Then I went a little natural sea sponge happy with the colors.Part of my problem with paint, is I think I miss something if I do not drown my project in a zillion colors. Note to self. Gotta work on that. I did use a metallic enamel, which gave me more ideas--however back to this matter at hand...
****After I natural sea sponged the jar and instead of washing off the the paint to start I anew-- I decided to journey on. I let the mason jar air dry for an hour before I popped it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. If you do bake glass, turn on the oven's fan. Your nose will thank you later.
****All in all, I enjoyed painting this jar. I would like to find more big mason jars like this to play around with. There was no writing on the jar, no nothing. I know I went overboard on the paint selection. Regardless, felt pretty 'artsy' that I baked ON glass, instead of in it--like I do my marvelous peach/blueberry crumble topping pie (which will be another post!). I will paint  another jar with less paint and more restraint.  Also want to try and thin paint with nail polish remover like on the SandandSisal blog. I love how her vases turned out, plus the vases were painted on the inside! 
***In the meantime, I have a cat to pet, ice cream to devour and finalize plans to make my next mason jar as marvelous as it can be. 
Stay tuned.   

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