Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Good

Trekked to get my Praise and Hallelujah at IBOC, aka Inspiring Body of Christ Church today, with Pastor Rickie Rush doin' the preachin' as only he can. Once again, the message Pastor Rush brought was right on time! How does that happen? Goes to show God knows all thoughts. Pastor Rush asked us if we try to impress or impact those around us?  Do we say we walk in Christ, shout hallelujah, throw our hands up in the air to like we do care, yet our actions may show otherwise?  When folks know you walk in Christ, they wait for us to slip up. Yea. I know this one REAL good.
***Pastor Rush spoke of how we don't need to be talking all about our past to show how wild and cool we usta to be. That is all about trying to impress. That's all about what I have tried to do these last couple weeks with co-workers. Heck, I know how old I am--I remember vinyl, and I know how old some of my co-workers are--like they could be my grown kids. Anyway, sometimes I felt left out of conversations, I mean, don't we all want to be involved?  My co-workers, born in the late 70's and early 80's spoke about  going out, sex, drinking, yadda yadda.  Well, I use to go out too, right? Key word there is 'use to'--anyway, I told them a couple three or four stories. 
*****They gasped. Could not believe I EVER did stuff like that. It's also like Pastor Rush spoke today. The younger set really can't see you at their age. Or put you in that situation. Hey, I see how I usta be as plain as day and forget, the younger set sees me as a true grown up, their mom and/or big sister--not somebody who disco'd to Donna Summer in spandex skirt and four inch heels. So my co-workers asked me about stuff I so dusted behind some dresser drawer and forgot about. For a few minutes, I was part of the chit chat and the 'cool mom'. Yet when it was over, I felt kind of uneasy. I'm not exactly that person anymore, nor do I really want to pretend to be. Yea, it made me feel good for a few minutes with my co-workers, but then the reality was they would still go out and I'd still be in bed by 10:30 PM. What good was it?  I admit it was all to impress, not impact. My flesh, not my spirit was doing the talking. 
****Which brings me back to part of the Pastor Rush's message and one of my 'a-ha' moment. Was I bringing them some of my testimony or what?  They know I am a born again Christian. I've told them that without God I would not be here today. The co-workers listen, yet not so many questions yet.  If I go on and keep telling them about my back in the Bad Mama Jamma days--I need to check myself  for my own  motives.  
***Do I just want to impress so I could be part of their (and others') reindeer games, or do I want to make an impact? Even if there are  folks who don't like what I say, yet for whatever reason they keep talking, text and can't forget what I said? The impact would come from the God's influence on me for me take it forward. I want to make the impact that keeps on ticking.
***Another good thing was Reverend Glen Jones came up to me and said he'd found my blog. Reverend Jones read some of my posts when Pastor Rush was on his little medical leave. Felt good to get the acknowledgement and all that is to give God all the Glory.  
***Oh and the fishies in the photo?  It is one of the smaller aquariums in Inspiring Body of Christ Church--aka MY church!  
I am blessed. 

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