Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Past Brings a New Year

******As called myself doing a little Winter cleaning today, I came across things I'd seen before, yet saw for the first time today. The first being about my maternal grandmother. I never knew her because she passed away a year after I was born. There was a picture of my grandmother that I'd seen before, however it hit home more than before. Why? Because someone had taped the snippet from the Des Moines Register newspaper about her death in this photo album. My grandmother died at just 52. I have outlived both my mother and her mother. My maternal grandparents were from Georgia. I wonder how, when, and why they ended up in Iowa? A mystery for 2012.***And then I found this photo. My dad at age 28. He sits in front of my grandparents' place. My mom and dad did not marry until two years later. I made my debut four years after that. My dad. 28. What was on his mind? Heck, Dad's got on jeans. What dreams did he have? Was Dad in love with my mom by then?

Questions I would love to ask in this New Year to solve mysteries of the past. The main characters are all in Heaven. Although a challenge....Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

I hope you find the answers! Good luck!

Your dad is one handsome fella. I think you have his smile! Take care

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