Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Too Good

Hey--that is how I feel because the Fall Semester is officially OVER! I just took two classes, yet it seemed like 20. The backstory behind this semester stressed me to know end. To cut to the chase I transferred schools. I had left over financial aid money which I thought would go to the new school. No problem I thought.

Wrong. The schools wound up not being on the same funding schedule. It turned in to, "You should have done this." "You should have done that." And my response was, "When I called in for status, nobody told me a thing.'

Long story in all this: I had NO financial aid to pay for my few thousand US dollars of tuition.

Fiction would not have been better than this truth.

Cut to the chase after being shut off from online access, dozens of e-mails to figure how to get out of this, calls to the Dept of Education for help and decline of more student loans--which I didn't want to take out anyway--to pay for the Fall Semester--I paid out of my own pocket.

The shock in that I saved enough. The money was for something else, yet I found I could replenish the amount for the something else-if I need to.

Best part is, the Fall Semester is OVER. This nightmare is DONE. I will not worry about school until January 2012. Burden off my shoulders. Gives me some time concentrates on things that I only part time attention to--besides a cat.

Stay tuned.

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Old Kitty said...

There are just some things you don't need in life! I am so sorry you had to endure a tangle of someone else's making! :-(

Aww but yay for you for facing the challenge head on!! Now I hope you have a most wonderful holiday break! Enjoy! Take care

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