Saturday, December 17, 2011

'net NO

I did not have access to the internet from about 7pm Thursday night until sometime today. I realized I had internet at 1pm this afternoon. Thursday night it just went awaym after I did a couple e-mails. I had an error of 'no access'. I thought there was just a burp in my Verizon system somewhere. I knew I was current on the bill, so I knew THAT wasn't it. Still no 'net on Friday morning. I get home last night--and NO 'net.

I called Verizon then. The rep was a nice guy. He said the connection between Verizon and my house was 'asleep'. Sure dude. He tried to 'jump' it a few times and nothing happened. All in all, he said he would order me a new router, which I could pick up at a Verizon store. The store is less than 5 minutes from me, but at our call, the store closed about 5 minutes before. No worries. There was life before the internet, at least I think there was.

Anyway, I pounded out 1250 words on a short story I never quite finished. The inside of the store was weak. I admit the writing was fun. No Facebook comments, except my cat was upset he could not get on HIS blog. I was OK with that, because the cat is popular than me--so I digress.

So this afternoon, I realized I am connected to the entire world again. For the couple nights that I wasn't--really weren't bad. Things appeared a little more simple.

I liked it.

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Old Kitty said...

Hooorah that you're back! Oh I'd be really lost without my internet connection! LOL!! Last time that happened I harassed so many people on the phone - I think they reconnected me just to keep me away, I was that distraught! :-)

Yay that you got some writing done though!

Take care

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