Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Make

Made it thru the weekend although the Dallas Cowboys did cough up a gigantic hairball by blowing a 12 point lead fourth quarter lead with just three minutes or so to go last night on Sunday Night Football. Take a breath. I need to let it GO....inhale...exhale....Better...YEA. OK. Hmm**** On a much lighter note. I attempted a new crafty thing over the weekend. Decoupage leaves on a glass plate. I realize after my attempt I must indeed follow the directions, instead of making up my own. The leaves are from my holly bush, in front of my house. All the directions called for Matte Mod Podge to glue and seal the leaves to the plate. I chose to do my own thing and use Sparkle Mod Podge. After these few days, my leaves still look a bit squishy and the over all look is not what it should be. I didn't even finish the plate off, because I pretty much coughed up a hairball with the plate, like the Cowboys did in their game.

The cat inspects the plate. I can improve with leaves, glue, and plates, however with three games to go: can the Dallas Cowboys Mod Podge their act together?***Stay tuned.


Old Kitty said...

Well you had to experiment first!

Oh I love the idea of using leaves from your garden!! And on the glass plate they look lovely - and they certainly brighten such a dull plate up too!!

Good luck with this!! Take care

Thomasina said...

Ha! Well, thanks Kitty! I'm looking forward to trying to better myself at it. I think it will be really nice effect once I get the hand of it!

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