Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Middle of the Week

And I'm glad. Feels so good to not have homework. This will be a good month off. I'm proud of myself to be one step closer to my sociology degree. Yet, the month to be away from books and such---yea, I'm likin' that bunches. So the cat has such a pensive look. He may be wondering why I went out to the back yard, while a light rain fell--with my umbrella-and picked up a bunch of leaves. Yes, leaves. I am going to try the decoupage of leaves on glass plates again. Not tonight tho. The leaves are damp from the rain--so they dry in paper towels. Maybe the cat wonders if I will clean the litter boxes. Why yes...yes, I will. The cat may just be ignoring me. Which is exactly what he was doing. I called the cat's name--hence the ear lowered. The cat decided I wasn't so important. OK. OK. I get the hint. Litter boxes here I come.

Middle of the week. Not bad...not bad at all.

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

LOL!!!! Cats really know how to treat humans with such disdain!

Awww enjoy your wonderful month off! Hope the leaves dry nicely too! Take care