Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time Thought

Have one of them days where you wonder if you've done the right thing? I mean, in a situation/relationship? I see eyes rolls now in cyberspace! I digress.
To the specific point: being told you do not show someone else you have time for them. I was unable to make a "Meet Up With a Chum Date" due to times did not crunch as needed. The Chum Date came up on a lark, and I thought I could make it. It was my bad, I didn't check times before I said I would. I apologized that I couldn't. The Chum Date made a joking/snide remark. And not heard from em since. A girl chum (and you know we girls psychoanalyze best of chocolate or lattes), suggested I may have given off the vibe I didn't have time for the Chum Date.
Really? I looked at the situation. Realistically--I hoped. I thought of how I respected this Chum Date's time, conformed to their available times, because they are such on the go, and listened to their day whether good and bad, while I stirred coffee, only to wish my coffee was a mocha latte--yet not one question posed to me about my day--good or bad. When I did try to chime in a sentence, there was dead air, then Chum Date went on with their own thought.
Yet I do not seem as if I have time for them...
Stay tuned.


Old Kitty said...

Oh Tommy!! I know I've said this before but things always, always happen for a reason. That chum you couldn't meet doesn't sound like a real chum to me..!

Take care

Thomasina said...

Ha! Well, Kitty--You're good at callin' em as you see em. I bet Charlie purrs at that :) I do think you're right tho!

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