Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Still Heart Cats....

...and I'm amazed at folks who don't. I listen to their reasons: "Cats are too sneaky!" "Cats aren't like dogs! (really?)" "Cats suck your breath! (Really?)" "Cats are scary!" "Cats stare at you!"--the list goes on...I do try to listen to find out the real issue. I remind folks, especially men, they are a gazillion times bigger than a 10 pound full grown tabby cat. I try to respect their anti-cat reasons, as long as they respect I quite heart them. That respect battle, I am so on the losing end. Oh well.

This guy is the stray (?) neighbor cat who bunks in my shed. Since at least July. I swear I've seen him on a lawn with several other cats, about a half block away. I feed the neighborhood, yet he's the only one who really stays here. Actually, I just went out to my shed. He meows, yet won't let me touch him. I can get close--especially with food in hand--yet not touch, we still have issues. I hadn't seen for a few days, until yesterday. He's clockwork for coming outta the shed when the sun comes up. I see him sit by the shed door. He sees me come out the backdoor and hightails to me--of course, I do have food in hand. Meows all the way. A chum says he's 'wanting', yet confused what to do. Some mornings he's already on my patio, staring at the back door--by the empty food dish.

Clock work. Yep.

I still heart cats....stay tuned!

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Old Kitty said...

I don't understand those who don't understand kitties. Truly don't! These people are missing out on so much - such a shame!!

Awww but this beautiful kitty is so in love with you, Tommy!! I always think that cats choose their humans - always and never the other way round! You are his or her special one - he or she just needs to be doubly and 100 and ten percent sure! Yay!

Take care

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