Monday, October 17, 2011

Terrific Terra Cotta Pot

I like this one. Yep. I really, really do like it. This is a 4 inch "bell" terra cotta pot. See? It kinda looks like a bell. It's a bit more pricier retail than Wal-mart, Michael's etc. The pot sells for $1.99 at Garden Ridge. Granted I have not scoured every store, thrift store and/or nursery looking for pots, alas Garden Ridge has been the only place -so far--I've found the bell pot.

Three different shades of acrylic metallic blue paint were sea sponged over a base color of metallic amethyst. After all was said and dry (very important the pot is dry), I brushed on blue glitter paint. You may be able to see some of the glitter. The glare is the lamp I had shining on the pot. :)

I posted a photo on my FaceBook Wall and to my surprise one of my classmates asked "Do you ship?" Had to be honest I am in the midst of ship pricing as we type. Her question gave way to a smile. Why? 'cuz I never ever gave consideration tI could change the face of a terra cotta pot

...and I am glad I can. Really, really glad.

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