Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Plaque Hangs with Terra Cotta Pot

Something different to share. Tried my hand at a plaque. Just kinda simple for my first try. When I started this whole terra cotta pot thing, my goal was to put my cat photos on the pots. The look of the finished product just did not light my fire. I have learned more of the mechanics of putting photos on pots now--paper, size, vertical vs horizontal, etc. However I was unhappy with the outcomes. The other day, I caught a glimpse of the plaques in Hobby Lobby--and thought "Hmm". On this plaque, I used Mod Podge Sparkle, hence the sparklies all over. I like the start so far.

As for the pot, it's a 4 inch rose bud terra cotta. Metallic paints of green, gold and red. I was going for Christmas colors. Although the folks that looked at it--loved the colors, yet didn't see "Christmas". I do like the the colors tho.

What's cool about these projects, I can honestly say I LIKE what I'm turning out. Tweaks here and there--sure, however I am likin' my product.

Stay tuned.


Old Kitty said...

I think the pic and the pot go together! So pretty! I love the vibrant vivid colours! Well done you! Take care

Thomasina said...

Thank you, Kitty! Your support means alot!!


cpoetess53 said...

Maybe you can do a 'puzzle pot' with puzzle pieces. Not sure how you can make them bend and stick but it's a thought. I like the plaque idea. Very cute. Can you do one with the cats on it. Cats rule!

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