Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Pops!

Hey, the National Football League season starts tonight! My team, the Dallas Cowboys, don't kick off until Sunday night. So tonight's game, between the Packers and the Saints, is well, a warm up game for me. I just love me some football..

And to go along with that football, I got my popcorn ready. I didn't make it. Not this time anyway. I stopped at a gourmet popcorn and candy store called Yummi Pop. I'd read about them in the a suburb news paper and turns out Yummi Pop is just a couple minutes from my job. It's run by two ladies, I think they're sisters and been open for a year. The cool thing is, they let you sample popcorn before you buy. Just to give you an example, I bought Dill Pickle for a chum of mine, and for me? Loaded Baked Potato. Kid you not! These ladies know their corn!

So on this first night of NFL football 2011, got my popcornm a cat to pet and it's First Down and a million yards to go.

Gotta love it and I do!

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

I only know salted or sweet popcorn! I haven't lived! LOL!!

Yay for corn, kitties and Cowboys! Yay! take care

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