Saturday, August 6, 2011

Terra Cotta Tune Up

I volunteer for a chum's writers' conference and we had our last meeting before the conference (which is the 13th). I'd made mention to my chum how I do pots and would she be interested to use them in some kind of way. She liked the idea and said she would send me her favorite quote. We would just go from there...

Above is the before and after terra cotta pot. I do usually treat the inside of my pots with Thompson's Sealant. This time tho, since the pot was just for demonstration, I didn't. What I did use:

4 inch terra cotta pot
White Tissue Paper (99 cents from Dollar General) for quote
Folk Art Perfect Purple Acrylic Paint
Folk Art Wicker White Acrylic Paint
Delta Ceramcoat Sparkle Glaze
Mod Podge SPARKLE (I am LOVIN' this stuff! Me. Glue. Who knew?)

My chum liked the pot so much, she wants 20 of them--in different colors! She asked, "Can you do 20 by next week?" Of course, I can I told her, wondering all the while how I would stagger the entire process. By next Saturday, I will have 20 pots, in four different colors.

Can't wait to see how the pots turn out...
God IS so good.
Stay tuned.


Old Kitty said...

Tommy!!! Your first order!!! 20 pots by next week!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! Oh wow!! How exciting for you!! Good luck and enjoy creating these - what a great idea for a pot for a writing conference! You could sayings, quotes, haiku poetry...!!!

I'm so happy for you!! Yay!!!!! Take care

Thomasina said...

Thanks Kitty! I still can't believe it! I will everybody posted on this. Another chum says I should have some contact info next week, just in case folks want to know how to get their own. I'm still thinking about that.

Thanks again for your support!

Songbyrd said...

Wow! Congratulations on your order! How did they turn out?

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