Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Stuff

Even tho it's another 100-something degree Dallas day, it's been a good day so far. Made it up to get my Amen and Hallelujah on at Inspiring Body of Christ Church (IBOC with Pastor Rickie Rush). Message was about our passions. Not the lusty kind that Denzel Washington or Johnny Depp conjur up. Nope. The passions you have--that are the gifts God gave you. Yet for some reason you ain't following them. You think you can do better on your own. Well, from my own past experience, that does NOT work. The Men of IBOC, all 200 voices strong, got their song on and helped us with our praise. Bear, a past love was up in the choir. When I met him all those years ago, never would I think he would be in any choir, unless it was to shout the goodness of The Gospel According to Heinken Beer. I digress. Funny, when I first started to church in 2003, I just thought "All THAT singing!" Now, I make sure I'm there to catch it all. Oh, the choirs' songs don't come out of a hymnal...

After church, I headed to Micheal's Craft Store and bought my 20 terra cotta pots and paint. If this whole pot thing takes off, I need find whole sale prices for pots. My cute and natural curly hair frizzed up in the heat..wasn't as cute and curly as was before--so I had to head to Panera's Bread for spot to eat. I LOVE this place.

As I went to find a seat, I see a woman, I wasn't sure it was who I thought I was. And it was who I thought it was. We're not chums, yet acquaintances. Michele is a local author with 8 books to her credit and concentrates on Christian Fiction. What was cool--yesterday we spoke on the phone, because her 9th novel, that her publisher says must be done by the 15th and she has bout 30 thousand more words to go--has a cat in it. Michele is not a cat person and asked a few days if I was. Hence our 45 min call. Michele said too bad she didn't know I would be there today. Well, I didn't know. We chatted about her book. My pots. I actually had a picture I'd printed on tissue paper I showed her. Our running into each other was an inspiration for me. Michele was probably going to hang there until about 8 tonight. She says she goes to Panera's because at home her kids and hubby would bother her. Well, since Michele's in the works on her 9th book, it works for her!

All these writers and other creative types I am meeting. Sounds like part of the church message church, God will put you around the folks that can help you with your passions, because they 'get' you.

I "get" that now.

...and if you will excuse me, I got a kitty's tummy to rub and a chocolate chip cookie to devour.

I am blessed.

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Old Kitty said...

Yay!! This also proves how cats are so essential to creativity and the beginnings of a beautiful friendship!

What a lovely way to meet a fellow author! Take care

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