Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday So Good

I tell ya what, I'm still tired from the writers' conference yesterday. Goes to show me, I am so outta shape. There was a time I exercised at least 5 days out of the week. I was healthier and leaner because of it. Such one more of the things on my mind. My terra cotta pots--all 20 of them have new homes. I still can't believe that. Boosted my confidence about 10 fold. ***Today. I got my church on. Needed THAT bad. Pastor Rush of Inspiring Body of Church brought it. He's been preachin' about passion and living courageously as a Christian--not religiously, yet as a Christian. Spiritually. All good. Hittin' right where I need. Before church started, someone tapped on my shoulder. This man calls me by name. His name escaped me, eventho the face was familiar. He told me "Mike" and we'd sat by each other. I remembered. It was a few weeks ago, and I recall we had a couple laughs. Nice.

There' still some Sunday left. I'm headed to the couch with cat close behind. The TV remote and I are pretty much gonna become one tonight.

Yep. Good all the way 'round.

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