Friday, August 26, 2011

Sauna Still

Temp was 100 F something--again--today.
The record of triple digit heat in Dallas is 69 days.
Today was either the 59th or 60th day.
Honestly, does it really matter?
After work, I headed to my new school to get my
Text books. Very nice campus. Victorian looking. Felt right.
View was gorgeous, The campus sits up on a hill and
Overlooks a lake, and ton of forestry.
I like it. Felt good. Felt right.
So now home, the a/c still cranks
And I'm gonna plot myself on the couch
To take a look at my new school books
Then get to Season 3 of True Blood.
Hey, after some fancy book learnin'
The sauna still is workin' cuz
I need me a bite or two of Vampire Bill...

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

Your new school sounds so amazing!! So so glad you are feeling very happy and positive about your college! Yay!

Hope the vampires were worth a bite or two! LOL! Take care

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