Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just 'bout over...

Sunday that is. Another hot one here in Dallas. I'm sure it was over 100 degrees F today. Just summer in Texas. You get use to it and drink lots of water. Today was good. The whole weekend has been good.

Tomorrow is Independence Day, here in the United States. I hope I finally have independence on my terra cotta pots. At least more than I have. :) I've chosen the shade of white I will use for the pot's base, while the rims will be colors to accent what is in the photo. I do look forward to doing this. Excited really. My rule is less is more and that makes a statement. I'm glad I do have Monday and Tuesday off. This oughta be good!

In the meantime, as Sunday comes to a close, I am gonna hop in my jammies and watch another episode of "True Blood." I don't have HBO, so not ever seen any of this show. A co-worker loaned me Season 1-3 before the long holiday. I am hooked. Something about a vampire named "Bill" intrigues me.

Stay tuned.

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