Friday, June 10, 2011

Terra Cotta Three

First off, these are NOT the pots I moaned and groaned about in prior posts.


These three pots were made as the Dallas Mavs

went up 3 games to 2 over Miami Heat last night. I made them for three colleagues who left the department today. They like to use highlighters and such. I thought they would a place to put those tools in. In fact, if my now ex-teammates wanted to plant a non-edible plant in it--they could.

Mod Podge'd this paper I liked because they were all stars in my book. One said she felt special, because I even thought to give her something. The rims were their favorite colors a shimmer of glitter on each one. All paint, including the glimmer paint, was Folk Art. The kitty paw prints--well, need a bit more work and more my patience. I used a rubber stamp with a Color Box pigment stamp pad in Frost White. I applied it when the rim paint was dry. Yet I didn't wait long enough for the ink to dry--so it smeared some. The teammates didn't seem to mind.

I still saw work needed to be done, while another teammate asked, "Where's mine?"

This teammate did not like me while we went thru training class a year ago. In fact, I had no qualms if I got her mad enough, my tires would be sliced and diced. That is, if she let me live long enough to get to the car. Since then, we've bonded as much can be. A month or so ago, she saw cat purse at a garage sale and got it for me. Total shock on my part. Everytime I get a compliment on it, I tell her. Rough stones can become precious gems.

I didn't expect anybody else to have interest in the pots. I wasn't that sure the teammates leaving would have any interest. Remember the pot I made for a lady retiring a few weeks ago? It was ugly! I realize I made it for me instead of for her.

These three terra cotta pots showed me not every piece made has to be completely about a cat. I put the paw prints on the the pot so my teammates always remember who gave it to them. The pot itself was the star, not the prints. It was for them.

Lesson learned.

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Old Kitty said...

Oh Tommy. They're LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh wow. They are really really really lovely. Well done you!!!

I'm staring at them and I'm thinking - they are so pretty - they'd look wonderful on my patio!! Lovely!!! Yay!!! Take care

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