Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Terra Cotta Caper Contnues....

If you are anything like the ladies in the crafty store I seem to frequent more than a regular basis: Where IS this pot? You ask because you want to see!
The co-owners of Googly Eyes Craft Store sure did.
Did you know rubber stamps can be used on terra cotta pots?
I didn't. Well, I never ever thought of it, til last night.
Google'd and read lotsa stuff.
So tonight I bought this ink pad:

It's Frosty White. I've been practicing on a couple of my test pots. Must say, I'm impressed with ME more than I was when I tried stencils and a puncher...
Oh I didn't tell you much about the stencils and the puncher?
Probably good reason...
So, I add an ink pad to my treasure of craft supplies.
Who knew? Craft supplies...ME? Naw.
Also this is a pigment stamp ink pad (OK, I didn't know there was a difference)
Worked much better on acrylic painted pot, than gloss spray painted pot. Don't have a matte spray painted pot, so no opinion on that
There you have it.
Rubber stamp used on terra cotta pot.
Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

Your craft supplies are sure to grow and soon you will have a workshop!! Yay!!! The ink stamps are such a find!! GOOD LUCK!! Take care

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