Sunday, June 5, 2011

10:30 PM

Sunday about is done. Never to be seen again. Wow, that was deep. My philosophical side.

So much has happened since you and I met up: Change in job tasks to a maybe change in schools. Maybe a chance to really clean my house from to bottom to I think I over fry my hair when I flat iron it--so back to the natural, curly look for a bit.

Then there was Pastor Rickie Rush, of Inspiring Body of Christ Church preached today about the folks in our lives. Like a man, we are so nuts about, yet he ain't nuts about you as he should be. Hey, I've been there and even have the t-shirt. It comes to be able to let them go. The world isn't over. In fact, you could be waving 'good-bye' with your right hand and waving "hello" with your left. I like that. Put some things inperspective.

And my terra cotta potta pots. The journey continues. Just let me say that. I would like to launch one--just ONE pot on June 12th. Why? It's the cat's birthday. The cat's who is the namesake and CEC aka Chief Executive Cat of this enterprise. Stay tuned to all that.

And lastly--as the clock ticks 10:36 PM, the Dallas Mavericks, are now down 2-1 in the NBA playoffs to the Miami Heat. They lost by two points abut an hour ago. I did say the Mavs in 6 games. Mavs lose. Pain don't last always. Next game Tuesday--pain better be over by then!

On that note. I need to put my clean sheets on my bed, just the cats can 're-fur' it and get some shut eye.

Monday will come soon enough.

I am blessed.

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Old Kitty said...

I like the theme of letting go. It's so hard to be able to do so and we may never end up doing so out of fear most likely but once you do let go - it's scary at first but oh so free-ing and just think of the possibilities!

I shall look forward to 12th June - a great day!! Yay!!!

Good luck with all the job and possible school changes - I hope they are not too drastic!! Hang on in there!!

Cats' furrs on everything are a design enhancement! LOL! Take care

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