Thursday, May 26, 2011

Terra Cotta Pots...Where Were We?

So much has happened, in these last few days. Met with a different university advisor who announced they really couldn't tell me what credits would transfer until I applied and enrolled into their school. I didn't like that. Of course, the advisor was about 23 and telling ME what I should think of my future. My job changes. Same department. Same seat. Different tasks. This happened Tuesday. Champs crowned on both Dancing With the Stars and American Idol. Just fine with those choices. Last night the Dallas Mavericks became Western Conference Champs and headed to the NBA Finals. Nice to have something to cheer about after the Super Bowl fiasco and the current NFL lock out. City is going nuts and I Like IT******So after all this, I took a crafty chum's suggestion to do a little show n' tell on my first completed terra cotta pot:

Treated the 4-inch pot's inside with Thompson's Water Sealant. Primed the outside (should have done the inside too). Folk Arts acrylic blue paint with Folk Arts Gems painted on after the blue dried. The Gems are gorgeous blue 'diamonds'. Compliments the paint in splendid fashion. Got more Mod Podge on me than I smothered the pot with (if that' s even possible! ) Learned lots doing this pot. Kind of hesitant to show y'all because it is not as good as it could be---will be.*****The paw prints were made with one of those hand punches. One toe is missing. I Mod Podge'd it off--by accident. Didn't realize it until the pot was pretty well dried. Decided the gone toe would signify me being born with microtia. I was born missing an ear. In my case, I have just a lobe where my left ear should be. And finally, the snoozin' kitten photo is suppose to be on the fuzzy side. Used colored pencil filter. The big ol' tabby cat out the pot is actually said snoozin' kitten once upon a few years ago.*****The first time. Got it out of the way. Thanks for being patient! *****


Old Kitty said...

There's nothing worse than these young children telling experienced people like us - women of a certain gorgeous age - what to do with our lives! LOL!!!

Good luck finding the correct advice for you!

The pot is lovely!!!!! Handsome Noir approves! Yay! take care

Anonymous said...

i love that color blue! great choice~! it will look awesome once you have a plant in it. i really like the photo too - of Noir like he is wondering 'what's that kitty doing on that pot?' good job!

Thomasina said...

Ha! I'm glad you like the photo and the kitty...however it's not Noir. Nope. It's his twin brother, Earl Gray looking at his own baby picture...

Thanks for liking my first show n tell.

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