Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Terra Cotta Pot III

This is my newest pot to experiment with:
And that's a piece of scotch tape. Part of my experiment too. I taped the photos that I plan to Mod Podge on the pot. I realized I may have found something to make ME happy. If I'm happy, that means I can BELIEVE in it.
The pot is a "bell' clay pot. Because it well--looks like a bell. Still an 8 inch yet, more round, wide and curvier than the standard 8 inch pot. And I hadn't really seen one until today at store, I hadn't been to in literally years: Garden Ridge. I like how the tape held my pictures on the bell. The pictures didn't get so 'lost' on the pots as they did on the standard 8 inch.
So during the commercials in Dancing With the Stars and rewinds if I missed something (oh, and I'm OK that Kendra got the boot!): I treated the inside with the Thompson Water Seal and let that dry outside. I never knew this stuff existed until a couple weeks ago. I probably did more than a couple coats--I'm still working on that part.
Once my bell dried, I smothered the outside with Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Primer.
I probably don't need the primer, yet I like my paint color to be as true as possible. I like this primer, more than Krylon. Just seems to hold better. Right now my bell pot is all snow white. I'll let that dry overnight and try to put a coat of acrylic gloss black paint on it before I got to work. I've decided I like the acrylic, especially when I painted a pot as I watched Celebrity Apprentice (Star and NeNe are Must See TV) and didn't need to worry about being fumes rendering me unconscious. Anyway, if I don't have time in the morning, I'll do when I get home from work.
Clay pots, paint and me....who woulda thunk?
I'm still in shock.
Stay tuned.


ProudTejana said...

looks like you had a productive evening - can't wait to see the finished product!

Old Kitty said...

I'm on tenterhooks!!! What is your wonderful pot going to emerge as?!?!!? How exciting!! Yay! take care

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