Thursday, May 5, 2011

Marie Osmond's Sweet Second Verse

All my chums know I had (have?) such a thing for the Osmond Brothers. Yep. I make no bones Donny was not even close to being at the top of my Billboard Chart, until his voice changed. So, it was older Brother Merrill who had (has?) my heart. Gravel voice and all. Oh, and did I tell you I saw 26 Osmond concerts before I saw anybody perform? I felt I cheated on the Osmonds. No joke. I'm sure there's some hidden meaning in all that, especially, since the Osmonds really didn't know who I was. I'll save that for another post...

It was the Osmonds Brothers-except Jimmy was too young, and Marie--well, I was envious because she had the good lookin' brothers, could sing (even tho to this day I'm not a "Paper Roses" fan) and was pretty. Something I really didn't feel I was much of--so what Marie, did was Marie's business.

Fast forward. To Marie and I both being members of a 'golden' decade. I see thing so different now. Have for a few years really. I look at the troubles Marie had--the post partum, her daughters' troubles, son in rehab, fainting on live TV on Dancing With the Stars, her second divorce, and the tragedy of her son's suicide. By then, I had interest in Marie. I watched how she handled each situation.

We are both grown women now. We both had gone thru some valleys, yet mine weren't as deep as hers. I understand relationships better, especially after I'd gone thru my own. I wasn't keen on the 'work' Marie seem to have done, especially when her lips seem a bit puffier on some days than others. Yet, I admired Marie. Her business savvy with her dolls. I wonder Marie did do it. There were pitfalls--we all go thru them-Marie's seemed like an endless pit.

Then came yesterday's announcement Marie married her first husband Stephen Craig. During their first go round, I thought he has pretty cute. I remember being at a Donny and Marie concert in Kansas City. She said something to Steve in the audience, and there he was, not standing so far from me-just beaming. I wondered what went thru his mind.

Looking back, we were all so young. Marie have been mature from her life in showbiz. Yet we were all so young in that first marriage year of 1982. Marie wore the same wedding dress she did back in 1982. The only thing I could possibly fit in from 1982, is a comb through my hair...

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is, Marie deserves to be happy. I always believed Marie always loved Steve. He may not have been ready for it as much as he thought. I think Marie always loved him. I think time heals all and helps us grow. Could have have happened in this case.

No mattes, what Marie does, still is Marie's business.


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Old Kitty said...

It's a lovely happy story for Marie Osmond!! I always had a soft spot for her - cos she was the only girl in such a famous family of brothers!!! I thought she looked just stunning here with her lovely husband! I so believe in second or even third chances in life! Take care

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