Monday, April 25, 2011

Spray Paint Terra Cotta Pot

That's what I did during commercials of Dancing With the Stars tonight. My problem with spray painting, is I think I spray too much and then my lack of patience for it to dry. This poor pot shows what it was two colors ago. Tonight it became 'glossy' watermelon. The glitter was later...
I realized I love primer. Erases EVERYTHING. The quandary: I like the inexpensiveness (cheap) of acrylic paints however I don't really want to paint verses the ease of the spray paint. Then there's the difference of spray paint I have to be in a well ventilated place (outside),plus the price (higher) while acrylic I can sit in front of the TV. And the acrylic does go on smooth, plus goes along way for it's less than a dollar self.

What I've read about terra cotta pot player, they prefer acrylic. I can see why. Tomorrow my task will be to paint a pot with acrylic. I never knew this stuff really existed until--well, a couple months ago. I found out Michael's (big box craft store) has it's own brand--basic colors, yet just what I need (cheaper still).

I've learned alot about paint and terra cotta pots. I'm gonna Mod Podge em too. Yea, I never knew what THAT stuff was either.

This terra cotta project, I thought I would complete in a just a few days.


Being crafty, especially when you got C's and D's in junior high art class, is WORK. I admire folks that are good at this.

Hey, I write fiction, not oogle pictures for what's gonna look good on a terra cotta pot....uh, well, sorta maybe I kinda do now....

Stay tuned!

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Old Kitty said...

I think that pot looks great!! I'm rubbish at arts and crafs and won't even attempt what you've done so yay for you!! And you do great kitty pics!!! Good for you! :-)

Take care

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