Friday, April 15, 2011

8:52 PM

Geez. I decided to go back to school in Feb 2010. Seems forever ago now Glad I went, however I just want to be DONE. Being an adult college student is kinda of the pits-- If I'd done college back when I got right out of high school, On a Friday night, I doubt if I'd be in my 'dorm' room Alas, I am in the year 2011. Just yawned. Cats snooze. All night doing school stuff--which, has Pissed me off. There ain't an "i" in team. I'll leave it at that. Tomorrow is Saturday, I'm sleeping in. My one cat who bugs me to be hurry up and Open his 'store'-calls himself the Chief Executive Cat aka CEC I remind my gray 'n black striped tabby tiger He has but one maybe item for his 'store'- at best! The cat stares and flattens his ears. Hmm. I wish he would learn to flush the toilet So it's now 8:57 PM It's a cool Friday eve-would love to open the windows- Unfortunately, so windy, over 50 mph- Smell the smoke from wildfires over 100 miles away... I hope we get more rain to help those folks! In the meantime, I'm ploppin' on the couch to Watch today's Young and the Restless (I do think Cane is alive) Eat some Special K cereal before the milk expires- Stay tuned.

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