Friday, January 28, 2011

So Steve Tyler

The rest of Aerosmith singing with an orchestra back up. Who in the world woulda ever thunk? Not me. Back in the day, I so raised my can of Schlitz beer to this song many a time. Thought Steve Tyler was kinda hot in a my Thomasina weird "I'm not sure why because he wasn't really Donny Osmond and I liked Donny a whole lot"kinda way.

That was back then. Now it's 2011 and Steve is a judge on "American Idol"--just one of the two 'reality' shows I do watch. Honestly, I thought he was a poor choice for judge. I mean come on, drugs, sex, rock n roll were his anthems. I just didn't get it.

Now I kinda do. Gotta admit, I know American Idol's 10th Season is just underway as I write this, however I am pleasantly surprised with him. I started to get that way when I caught Steve's interviews about "Idol" on TV. More soft spoken and seems to genuinely like the kids. He's firm, yet loving---so far, and I love when he has on his reading glasses. Then I know Steven and I are simpatico. Anyway, just have a feeling when they get to Hollywood Week and then when the show goes live--Steve will expect more.

Steve is a member of a band that's sold 150 albums. Alot of wanna be's can only "Dream On".

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Old Kitty said...

I love the image of Steve Tyler putting on his glasses! Glad he's doing great on American Idol!!!

I quite like this Dream On song!!! Thanks for the clip!!! Lovely!

Take care

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