Saturday, January 22, 2011

Second Saturday

As I drove back from the grocery store with my old fashioned carton of oatmeal (you cook it on the stove), sack of navel oranges and loaf of 100% whole wheat bread, in my eco-friendly reusable bag, this song came on the radio and I smiled.

A million Saturdays ago, there is no way I'd be coming home from the grocery at 8 pm, because I'd be too busy getting ready to go out dancing and parytin' at 10pm. I would usually be meeting my beloved, Comic Book there (I've written about him before). One time we got into some hell-ish fight over probably I wouldn't eat the cow tongue he fixed or I just couldn't accept he really 'wasn't cheating' one me because THAT meant nothing, or the fact he was so jealous of my KC chum. OK, Comic Book and KC Chum hated each other..alot..and that will be another post...maybe, anyway-Comic Book and I weren't speaking.

Back to the song, the first bars blast from the speakers. Comic Book had been on the other side of the bar. He bounced over to me, took my hand and said, "I forgive you" and pulled me to the dance floor. All was love and kisses until about Monday, I'm sure.

Anyway, tonight as I drove home, I bopped my head to the beat of the music. Still a good song after all these years. I looked at my eco-friendly bag filled with stuff I never would've touched those million Saturdays ago. And I smiled.

These second Saturdays aren't bad at all.


Old Kitty said...

Oh I so want to listen to the song but I'm at work and can't!! Oh but what memories!!!! You are one passionate lady!!

Enjoy your eco-filled bag - they're all good for you! Take care

The New Me said...

Hate might be a bit strong of a word to use, I wasn't his biggest fan and he was pretty worthless and all, and then he did cheat on you and he wasn't the most reliable guy ever...ok I hated him.

Noir the Texas Tabby said...

HA! HA! I'm a cat and I've seen pictures of this guy. I think I woulda hissed at him...


Graphically Inclined said...

I had this song playing at my 70s birthday party last week. One of the best songs ever. And life's changes as we get older aren't quite as bad as we thought they would be when we were young chicks, you know? ;)

Love the memory at the bar! So sweet! Reading your blogs always make me smile.

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