Saturday, January 15, 2011

Search on Saturday

Trekked into Best Buy today. Really thought I was smart enough to go in there.

I wasn't.

First I looked for a particular movie. They didn't have much of a selection of anything. Yea, OK, it could have been that Best Buy. Of course, a sign was there saying they could order it. I decided when I get home I'll check on Amazon.

I go look at laptops. I really, really want one. I looked at prices. Why was one more expensive than the other? Shouldn't they just be pretty? Did it slice onions while it burns a DVD for you? Nobody asked me if I wanted help.

I'm glad.

Then I looked at cameras. I need a better one. I couldn't understand why one camera was 20 bucks cheaper than another, when they looked to have the same stuff. And the same brand. I shoo'd away the guy born in 1992 away. He did ask if I wanted help.

I didn't.

Last stop was phones. Yea, I'm thinkin I'm ready to take the plunge and get rid of my home phone. Just go cell. Yet, I looked at an iPhone. Why is it 199 bucks? Does it batter and deep fry the onions the laptop sliced for you? What is the difference between that and an Android? These two guys were looking at phones. One of em said he really like his Android. He was starting to get all techny and I had to exit. I had a flashback my BFF in grade school and me trying to talk on our home phones. However the ladies on the 'party line' our parents had, wouldn't get off. This cute young Denzel Washington look-a-like asked if I needed helped.

I hesitated--he was cute--yet I told him I didn't.

So as I trekked from Best Buy, I looked at the free buyer's guide in my hand.

Next time I go in--I will be smarter

And I'll have onions on my breath.

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Old Kitty said...

Oh I can never buy anything techinical in person!! I must do my research first and then get all the consumer mags and see what they advice!! I mean I know what I want. I want a pretty pink laptop please - I don't want to know all the bits n bobs that go with it. I just want it to work and I want someone to point and say - that's the one you should buy! LOL!!!!

Take care

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