Friday, January 14, 2011

Few Friday

I work with people who were born in the 80's.
The late 80's at that.
I tell em, I was pretty much partyin' with
Adult beverages laced with 80 proof alchohol
When they were babes in swaddling clothes--
They laugh. I'm serious. Where did the time go?
These young uns' have no clue music came from vinyl
Or to make sure you don't leave home without
A dime for the pay phone
And TV had 3 channels and signed off at midnite
Oh and on Saturday mornings I waited for the TV to
Sign ON so I could enjoy my bevy of cartoon fare!
...ahh, where did the time go?
Oh well, 'scue me while I head back to the TV
With ice cream, look at the schedule of my 150+ channels
And maybe decide to watch something "on Demand"
Or DVR just in case I fall asleep before it's over...
I am a little older now, ya know-
Where DID the time go?


Raymond and Busby said...

Happy weekend Tommy!

The New Me said...

At least once a semester I make a reference to something that happened in the 80's, (God forbid I should mention the 70's) and without fail I get 20 blank stares.

After a few seconds I ask, "Am I the only person here who was born Before 1991?"

They look at each other, then back at me, shrug their shoulders...and I'm positive that at that moment another hair turns gray.

Thomasina said...

Ha! I hear ya! Another young lady says she'll hear us talk about all these TV shows we watched before. She's never seen/heard of them. Why? Because she was born in 1989. She never knew when MTV was really all about playing music---on ONE channel.

As for that gray--mine right now is a 'mahogany auburn"

Old Kitty said...

Isn't it just weird?!?!?! I work with people born in the late 80's and it's so freaky!!!!! Yikes!! Oh but they were good times!! :-)

Take care

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