Monday, December 27, 2010

Touch of Ivory Soul..

Heard about the passing of Teena Marie this morn.
As I thought of the loss for her family,
I thought of the loss to me. Granted, I hadn't bought a
Teena Marie album (yes, ALBUM) in years-
Yet I'd started to see her on TV and my
Interest piqued again. How I danced to her music
Especially this song, "Square Biz"
And slowed danced all sultry to my
Boyfriend at time, to her duet with Rick James, "Fire and Desire."
For those minutes, I lost all consciousness and thought he my desire
Thankfully the song did end!
That's why "Square Biz" has the best memories!
Dancing in my skirt that flew out as I twirled, and my 4 inch heels
That I reasoned were 'just 'right'-in height.
Yea, another time, another place. When gas was less than a buck a gallon,
And I think apartment rent was less than $300-
Thank you Teena Marie-
And I know Heaven's choir just gotta bounce
Of a more soulful beat

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

Aww what a lovely memory to remember the lovely Teena Marie - much too young to have left this world! What a voice - thanks for this clip! Take care

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