Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Stop

The kitty looks out at Sunday. This my girl cat who meows and carries one of my shoes to me. I believe it's her "Mommy cat" meow. She never had to carry her kittens any where three and a half year ago. They were safe and secure in my apartment. Maybe she misses that she never had to carry anything. One of those moments I wish cats could talk.
With that wish, I realize I need to talk more to God. How's that for segue? :) IBOC's Pastor Rickie Rush had such a good message today. One part hit me all the way home, especially because of my Over Do it yesterday.
God has a plan for us, Pastor Rickie Rush said. That's the first time God speaks to us--about His plan. The next time is when God tells us our purpose. In the middle of all this journey, are all the 'sighs' of the purpose/blessing.
That goes back to me yesterday, I over did the card thing. I had me with my own version of a Hallmark store and one of Oprah's Favorite Things. Ever since my pesky little open heart surgery in 2006, I've 'seen' things. Clear as could be. When I sat and recuperated when it was exhausted me to walk just 10 minutes--if lucky. How would these things every really happen? Some of those things have already come to pass. There are more things God has let me see. I need to listen and TALK more to Him to see what all this is.
Or I actually do know, and I let my flesh take over with fear. Then I remember, God does not give me fear.
Then I also remember to be still and know he is God.
Things have changed so much in my life. Good and bad--yet my character continues to be built.
I am blessed.

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