Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Had on Travel Channel the other day. Their quest was to find the best pizza in the whole USA.

OK, I do love me some 'za. Yes, 'za. That's what me and the chums called the supreme and delicious item when the Pizza Hut opened in my Iowa hometown. That was during high school. Our town of 7000 or so, thought we hit the bigtime. Pizza Hut was a nice addition to our already 3 stop lights and two grocery stores. This was before McDonald's even came to town.

I digress. Back to the Travel Channel. They visited two Brooklyn, NY pizzerias that made me want to hop a silver bird to taste test for myself: Pepe's and Sally's. Both are run by different members of the same family. Pepe's came first and then a nephew (I think) later opened Sally's. The stuff that came out of their oven looked GOOD! The pizzerias' atmosphere and aromas graced my own cluttered and cat filled house through the TV. Make mine a large...Do I dare say I slobbered over the screen?

When I came to my senses, I realize Brooklyn was miles and a time zone away. And the thought of my self rising frozen pizza just wasn't gonna rise high enough-no matter the brand! .

Pepe's and Sally's: Consider your gifts for our palettes on my Bucket List!

Yep, I me some pizza!


Old Kitty said...

You got me slobbering over my pc screen at the thought of these yummy 'zas!! LOL!!!

I hope you get to sample these fab New York pizza places soon!! Why not?!?!?! You never know!!!

Do you have a favourite topping?? I love the classic - tomoto and cheese - lots and lots of cheese! Take care

Thomasina said...

I plan to do NY! And tomato and cheese for you? Oh my---I gotta have a supreme, just with no anchovies!

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