Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 1998 was Thursday

Was going to repost what I blogged in 2009. 'cause I liked it and thought it summed it all up--even my thoughts-for 2010. Then gandered in my 'history books' -aka my diaries- to check what happened on Christmas Eves passed. As I started to read 1998, I smiled and remembered it well. I'd forgotten these events happened on Christmas Eve.

Back in my Iowa hometown for Christmas, and I actually flew instead of driving. Hmm. I wonder who babysat the cats or if I bordered them? Anyway. there was snow and a temperature with a wind chill of a gazillion below zero. Far cry from even the coldest days in Dallas. I also had my usual December sniffles and wondered if I would shake them before my one and only book signing of my one and only book in our town's library scheduled in a couple days.

My 'history book' says as I came in the house from getting a newspaper because there was a notice about my book signing in it, the phone rang. It was the mom of Dwight, a classmate of mine. I was floored. She was thrilled about my book and would I please come over to her son's house (my classmate) and spend a little of Christmas with them? I was floored still. My dad and step-mother had told me how my Dwight's mom had called the house wondering about me and they'd run into her while they shopped in my town one of the two grocery stores.

I forget my sniffles. I put on some kind of cute sweater. I had to take my step-mother's car, which I was surprised it didn't freeze up on the maybe 5 minute--if that-drive to Dwight's house. It was about 8pm or so. Pitch black, and iceberg cold. It's Iowa, so you just bundle and go.
Dwight and known each other since we were in grade school, yet this was the first time I was in house, with his parents and his kids. One of sons and I share the same birthday, so that's cool. The whole night was cool and great. His family was wonderful. Honestly, looking back, it was kind of an intro to people asking me questions about my writing. We chatted, laughed and just fun. It was soon close to 11pm. .

Dwight's parents left and so did the kids. They had their own friends to tend to. Dwight and I sat on his couch. Just the two of us. Dwight was one of the most popular guys in our high school. Blond, blue eyed. We'd always known each other. In fact for my 18th birthday party, he stared the pool to get me flowers. On the day of my party, I was presented with 3 1/2 dozen red roses. All because of Dwight. Back to this night in 1998, I remember Dwight held a copy of my book. He gushed how I had written it and all I could think of "We're sitting here alone. Talking and listening to Christmas music!"

We chirped like the two 16 year old kids we both felt like. Then this song came on the radio, "Blue Christmas." Dwight says, "Let's dance!" I go, "I HATE this song!" Well, the question became how could I possible hate Elvis?? I didn't. Just this song was not my favorite Elvis song.

Didn't matter. Dwight and I slowed dance and laughed to this song. And then he kissed me. Yea, I was definitely 16 again. In all the years we'd known each other, Dwight and I had never kissed like that. I smile now. That night, I remember we talked about so many things, our lives, past and future, including our love lives. He had split up with somebody and my man was back in Dallas--at least I thought he was my man. That didn't matter either, because Dwight kissed me again.

The wind howled outside and I didn't care. It was one of those 'if time could stop' moments, because it may not even happen again. And it hasn't. Sure, when I'm back in my hometown, I always see Dwight. The electricity zips and zaps from both of us. I wonder if Dwight wonders how it could have maybe been different....That night we talked like we never talked before or since. We were the only two on the planet. It touched me.

The whole point is, that Christmas Eve in 1998, I told Dwight whenever I hear "Blue Christmas' by Elvis, and only Elvis---I'll always think of him.

....and I wonder if he does the same.

Oh, and when I left Dwight's house? My step-mother's car would NOT start for about a half hour. Then it finally did and I had to let it run to warm up. It may have been 40 below windchill factor. I realized then how I don't miss Iowa winters.

Until I said good night to Dwight.

Sweet, blue moment in time.


Old Kitty said...

He was a good looking chap then wasn't he?? And such a voice too!

Merry Christmas Tommy!! Take care

Thomasina said...

Kitty--I think you saw the 'draft' of this post..cuz I was still writing it when you left your post.

Merry Christmas to you and Charlie!!


Raymond and Busby said...

We think you rock! Thanks for visiting us in PERSON today. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that it's a great 2011.

PS-our blog Mom is from Indiana, you were almost neighbors.

Thomasina said...

I'll have to come 'in person' alittle bit more...if Noir lets me. :) Indiana--yes, we were kinda sorta neighbors.

Thanks for stopping by!

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