Thursday, December 16, 2010

800 Posts

I just realized this
And it's 11pm Thursday night as I type this.
800. WOW. Never thought I'd have so many.
Feel funky. Feel good. I got words in my mouth so I say them-
--name that tune---
l strange to know folks literally around the
World have read my words
Just wish they'd comment more.
Yet everything in baby steps.
Friday I'm taking a vacation day, which includes
Lunch with a chum. Lookin' forward to that
Especially 'cause he makes me laugh.
It is really my bedtime and I gotta take this kitty's lead;

And head to bed.
Gotta think about something profound
For the 801st post.
In the meantime--THANK YOU EVERYONE!

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

801st post!!!! Yay for you!!!!!


Enjoy your lunch with your chum -sounds like a great way to spend friday! Take care
p.s. is that sweet mommy or uncle maxmaxx???

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