Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time Flies

WOW! It's November already!!! When in the world did THAT happen? Wasn't it just a few days ago the sweltering Texas heat gave a subject to chat about and high hopes for the Dallas Cowboys and wonder if the Texas Rangers were gonna do something?
Now I have these two kitties sit still on the window sill either waiting still for a World Series parade to come down our street for the Texas Rangers or a victory might come this way for the Dallas Cowboys. The Rangers tried to win the World Series and the Dallas Cowboys are trying to win period....Either way, it's November!
And today was Sunday and I headed to church and it's what I needed to hear. Pastor Rickie Rush of Inspiring Body of Christ Church reminded us of our valleys. How they build our Godly character and mature us. We could be ticked at the process, yet it benefits us in the end. I thought of my little pesky open-heart surgery. That valley either made me put my honestly put my trust in God or not. When I did, more so, when I realize I did--I wanted the surgery to get over and done. I had to learn to really listen to Him. This might explain why the nurse said I was person who ever tried to wake up the fastest from surgery. That's right. I had things to do. The sermons have been hitting me right on time--and that's a good thing.
We set our clocks back last night. Why do we still do this? Not my most favorite thing to do. It's 5:46 PM as I type this and night has just about fallen. Naw. Nope. Uh-huh. .
So in that case, I'll close the window. The cats will be mad. Got my school work done, so I'm headed to the TV to think about this day and the future.
I am blessed.

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Old Kitty said...

Oh I do love your new look!!!!! Look at you!!! Wow!! I love it!!

And I hope the kitties will see a parade of one kind or another! They do seem to be waiting in anticipation!

I do like the clocks going BACK the hour only because of the extra time in bed! LOL!! Have a great Monday! Take care

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