Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Here... so am I..Finally! Had PC monitor malfuntion from Tuesday thru most of Wednesday. Monitor was just a white screen. I unplugged and fiddled with it, and Wednesday night it began to work. We'll see for how long. Gave me time to price others, if need be.

'nuf of that. Let's get to the fun stuff: I met RICK SPRINGFIELD Tuesday night at a signing for his book, "Late, Late at Night." about 15 minutes from my house. Heck, I'll never have him THAT close again. I didn't even KNOW Rick was in town until I saw the news Tuesday morning and the news lady asks, "Do you like Rick Springfield?" I sat up in bed and reached for my 100 year old glasses to catch a clip of Monday's signing.

So after all these decades, I shake his hand, make him chuckle by telling him a quick tale how back in the day, after a concert, it was just him, his band, my friend and I, in a Ma and Pa gas station/diner at midnight in the middle of Iowa, and I was too scared to talk to him---and now FINALLY I could! Plus, I get a kinda fuzzy non-flash used photo. I don't care. It's RICK SPRINGFIELD and he's got his arm around ME! After the photo was taken, Rick did a thumbs up, but the girl didn't get that. I don't care. RICK SPRINGFIELD and me. Me and RICK SPRINFIELD. Finally. And for those couple minutes, who cared about Jessie's Girl....?


The New Me said...

I always said you'd make a lovely couple. To bad i couldn't get you two together back in the day.

Old Kitty said...

Oh. Wow.

Oh wow Ms Thomasina!!! Wow!! You and Rick look amazing!! Rick is HOT - hotter than he was back when he was pining for silly Jessie!!!!

Wow!!!! This is a brilliant pic!!! Awwww - amazing!! Yay!! Great to see you looking utterly fabulous and gorgeous!!! Take care
p.s. I hope your monitor is ok now!:-)

Old Kitty said...

p.s. I meant of course "pining for Jessie's GIRL!" !!lol!!!! Ooopsie! LOL!

Thomasina said...

Ahh, New Me--you DID get Me and Rick kinda together back in the day. You took me to my FIRST Rick concert, remember? And that was still the BEST show of his I've seen. Maybe 3000 or so folks, intimate, and Deb and I made it up to the front of the stage. Nice little memory!

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