Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday in Bloom

This is so when I really love being in Dallas--not too hot, not too cool. GORGEOUS is the only word to describe! This flower, is out in my back yard. I snapped it this morning before I got ready for church. It's close to my wisteria, so it could be from there. I dunno. All I do know, it's purple!

OK. Well, I don't want to keep you too long. I do have some junk to pick up around the house and popcorn to pop--so...the main thing is at church. I attend Inspiring Body of Christ Church (IBOC), with Pastor Rickie Rush. I have the t-shirt and bumper sticker to prove it--literally. One of these times, I'm just going to have to talk about my Spiritual Walk and how I wound up at IBOC--a place I NEVER thought I would be. However, in the meantime, I want to speak about today's sermon--which dealt with anger.

Yea, something that I'm NOT proud about. Pastor talked about trying to find where that anger came from and how you just carry it around with you. Then something or somebody lights you're already short fuse and your anger fireworks begin. Pastor spoke if someone is critical, it is actually we who are critical and also controlling.

All this about forgiveness, scripture from books Ephesians and James and I'm like...why did I come today? The guy I sat by was having a hard time too, and we both laughed. And when Pastor said if it's hard to trust, it because we have not forgiven, we both wanted to get up an leave. I told him to make sure he wrote that down, while I hoped I'd run out of ink.

We both wrote it down and did not get up and leave. They guy I sat by, who I don't even know his name said, "This was right on time."

I agree.

Then I glanced over my shoulder, specifically to the section across. My eyes locked with Bear's.
We'd both heard the same sermon. Alot of what Pastor preached was stuff from our past.
I'd like to believe we've both come far since those days. Anyway, when our eyes locked, we both smiled.

Like I said, this is when I love living in Dallas--not too hot, not too cool.

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Old Kitty said...

My favourite scene from the film Invictus resonates with me as I read your blog.

Jason a black South African and bodyguard to Mandela confronts him as to why he should accept Afrikaaner (white) bodyguards as part of his team when a few years ago these same men would not think twice of arresting or harming him.

Mandela says: ".. reconciliation starts here. Forgiveness starts here too, forgiveness liberates the soul, removes fear, please Jason. Try."

Take care

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