Friday, September 10, 2010

Heart and Humidity.

Since my little open-heart surgery adventure, back in March '06, I've learned to listen more to my body. My body's reactions, I usta pretty much ignore. Learned how to adjust, unless the culprit is humidity when the heat is high. Like today.

Summer tries to slap us upside the head, just a few more times, until October comes round the bend. This morning, when I left for work at 7:30, the temp was already 80 degrees F and the humidity was 88 %. Muggy with a capital UGG.

I felt it. Bad. It doesn't happen that often, yet when it does, I do panic. Smacks me upside the head. I wonder if my breath will be short. Will I pass out? I didn't have to walk far from the parking lot to my job, once I arrived. I'm glad because I felt it all the way. Don't like that feeling.

Yea, my scar itches sometimes, however it's the high humidity like today, when I'm reminded I did get my chest cracked open and a machine pumped blood and oxygen into me to keep me alive while surgeons worked on me. Oh, and and for my mitral valve replacement surgery, they had to readjust my heart so they could go behind it and inside my heart to fix me. Adventure, indeed.

So this morning I recalled it all. Now when I left work today, the temp was up in the 90's, heat index over 100, yet the humidity is at 52%. Not as hard as this morning's smack upside the head, just a little thump.

You realize how far you've come and with a wave from Mother Nature, you realize how fragile you really are. So you seek a remedy:

Trust me.
It works.

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Old Kitty said...

Oh please please take extra special care!! And yes, do listen to your body - it's strong but it's been - as you say - "cracked open"! Extra special care please!

And yes, lots and lots of ice cream! :-)

Take care

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