Saturday, September 4, 2010

So Say September

Such a grand day here in Dallas! Not too hot, not too cool, unlike the Labor Day 2001 when the actual temp was 111 F. Who cares? So say long ago.

Let me share this right quick. I dined on Vietnamese food last night. Yep. A Classmate asked me if I was I game. He loves the stuff. The last time I had this cuisine was in the '90's. Didn't so really care for whatever I had and recall I drank alot of beer after. This go round Classmate suggested things and had a good laugh at my apprehensiveness. All in all, I surprised myself I enjoyed it. Classmate has mentioned cuisines from Ethiopia. Told him I gotta take a country at a time...

Look at the day! The Iowa Football Hawkeyes won their first game of the season. I gotta do so school writing and some FUN writing sometime today. Like I said sometime today--in the meantime this day beckons for me to return to our playtime together.

So say it IS September!


Old Kitty said...

It's so September!!

I love Vietnamese food - there's a whole street here with just vietnamese restaurants that I used to frenquent when I lived in London and - it's just amazing!

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday writing and watching football!!

And Earth Wind and Fire says (sings) it all really - lovely!

take care

The New Me said...

you'd love crispy shrimp, very tasty.

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