Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wired Wednesday

Haven't been here in a few days. For one, I had a paper due on Monday which I completed on time. Until I receive a grade, I have 96% in the class, and this is its final week. GLAD! Kinda tedious, yet just a jolt of fresh air after the last class. UGH.

On this day, I ponder the new paper I must write by this coming Monday, and my portion of a paper for the team project--which we have not even discussed, except it's over General Motors. There's a final exam I gotta take which has a time limit of 3 hours. I've read some of the text--not ALL, and I will before the exam. That's gotta be done by Monday too.

Hmm. Then my writers' group meets Saturday and must have critique done and the exercise of 200 or so words for it. I also wanted to have a draft of one of my stories for my novella to share--yet I don't know when I can get that done. And the play, I think I mentioned that's due Sept. 1.

On top of all that, I realized how tired I am being broke. God does provide my needs, so I make it. I get fed--which my hips brag about. So do the cats. Yet, I want to go to New York for the weekend. Why NOT? Takes money. This house has drained me. Wait, that's not really true. The mortgage payment itself is great--the taxes and that yahoo stuff dampens the sidewalk. I'd like to get rid of the car's payment--Something has really got to give. I'm considering giving up the cable, heck I've lived on less....

I think of the business ideas. Small in stature, yet could be big in returns and would fun to do.

Peach pie anyone? Cute cat calendar? Cute cat night shirt? Pot holder...?

Outside of that, I am going to play I mentioned a couple weeks back on Friday night--looking forward! In fact, someone else offered to drive me there and back, since it's a good 20-25 miles and I'm good at getting lost--I hopped on that. The someone who the ride is actually the male lead in the play-so I KNOW he knows where he's going! :)

Well, kinda wired on a Wednesday....
And nothing that a little Sonic Strawberry Limeade Chiller can't cure...all's good!

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Old Kitty said...

96%!!! Yay!!! Well done you! And good luck with your novella writing! Did you say you have a play out in Sept?? Wow!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

I;m with you on the money side of things. It's like it's ok (touch wood) but then it's not cos you can't DO as much because there isn't any more left in the kitty! And it's not like you're living extravagantly either and yet and yet and yet! :-)

I think that's why writing is about the only free thing I do where I get to go places! LOL!

Glad you've got a lift with the leading man no less!! to the play this Friday. Enjoy!

Take care

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