Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sizzlin' on Sunday

Got me a Strawberry Limeade. Would love chips and queso too. Alas will do with salad.
Woke up this morning and didn't really want to get out of bed. I almost 'called in' church. Yet I got up, ran late and arrived just as the choir began. Turns out the Pastor Rickie Rush, of MY church, Inspiring Body of Christ Church, had a blood transfusion this week. In fact, last Sunday he was spunky, yet not all the way--I wondered if he felt bad. Pastor Rush admitted he was in pain last Sunday and had trouble breathing. He's not told us all what was wrong, yet he was losing blood internally. The doctor told him Tuesday, she couldn't promise him he'd be out of the hospital to get to church on Sunday.

Well, Pastor Rickie Rush was. And so was I.

I'm amazed by my Spiritual Walk, more so I never thought I'd have one. Since I'm surprised, folks who have known me forever must be just as surprised--if not more so. Some of them acknowledge, ask me questions and ask if I'd pray for them. Others don't say a word. And that's OK. All this just helps me learn--and that's a good thing.

Now, it's 4:16 PM Sunday afternoon. 100 degrees F---again. Gotta finish this Strawberry Limeade and do a little house and cat box cleaning--yea, the stuff that makes this Sunday so sizzlin'!


Old Kitty said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear about your Pastor! I hope he takes things easy!

And have a great rest of Sunday too! It's sounds like it's boiling where you are! Good grief!

p.s.well done you with all this low fat eating! yay!

take care

Don's Girl said...

Well, thanks on the kudos for the low fat eating, which I haven't done yet...I thought about calling in a 'to go' order for the nachos--then I saw how fat my legs were, and thought--uh..need to get a treadmill.... :)

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