Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just Had To...

Think about stuff going on. Gave thought to getting rid of this house --again--
And I keep thinking what is it I really need to make this house
Really a piece of mind for me?
Well, I'll keep you posted.
Well, something I just had to do tonight
Was to go get a burger at the best burger place in Dallas: Burger Island! Yes, and onion rings too. I felt in the mood. After the day at work today, plus another hot day, and the play I need to finish tweaking by September 1.
I wanted a burger. If you ever had a Burger Island burger, you know what heaven tastes like. I had a hickory cheeseburger, which was a big as a frisbee. As I sat on my couch (got burger to go) my
female cat--I call Mommy Girl: , because--she was Mommy when she was still just a little girl cat--decided to snatch a piece of the burger bun as it feel apart.
I was not amused. Mommy Girl's tummy was tho.
So to wrap this up-
I just had to do what I wanted.
And trust me, Burger Island is one of the BEST places to do it in!

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

Awwww sweet Mommy Cat!! She's a character is Mommy Girl cat!!

I hope you discover what would make the house a piece of you!!! Having a house is ok, but having a HOME is completely different! It's feeling connected and at peace.

Enjoy your burger and onion rings - yummy!!

take care

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