Friday, August 6, 2010

Got Some

Rain--that is.
Get your mind from the gutter.

It was enough to give my lawn a drink. I really should tend to my lawn more. Better Google on how to do just that.

Today, I gave alot of thought thought about giving up this house and move back to an apartment or townhouse. Let somebody else deal with the stuff. Make the phone call to have the maintenance guy come fix the runny toilet. Not worry about paying to have the grass mowed. I miss having an upstairs--even if it's just a sitting area. Give the illusion of bigger space.

Yes, I love my little house. It aches to be brought into the 21st Century. However, money is needed for that. And I'd feel a bit more comfortable if I had money to pay back the money I'd have to get to move it into the 21st Century. Yet, since literally Closing Day, two years ago, this has been a financial nightmare. Like everyone else, my property values have gone down. I"m upside down on my note. Not much, but enough--I'm confident I could get the same amount out of it--as I drive up and down my streets to see 'for sale/lease' signs decorating them.

The reality is, my utilities are non-existent and I've had no major issues. It's really been the financial end of things. Yep, always about a dollar or lack there of. Thought I was a savvy first time home buyer. Well, I was--to a degree. Not savvy enough, 'cause I still got screwed.
Live and learn
Got some.
Get your mind out of the gutter--

Got some thinking to do
Just hope my light bulb comes on!

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Anonymous said...

I can relate! I have spent so much money on unexpected house expenses over the last couple weeks that i never would've had to deal with in an apartment. Sometimes it does make me stop and think "What was I thinking?" This is too much.

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