Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Trek

It's 6:15 in the morning time as I write this and so wish I had some coffee. Alas, I'll need to get some on my way to work. The kicker is I do have my own coffee maker, yet there's something how my coffee doesn't quite turn out as good as when I buy it.

Right now the sun isn't up. Me neither really. I can't believe July is really bout over. The class I'm in now, is SO much better than my last one. This teacher calls me 'amazing' and said my paper was 'excellent.' My grade is an 'A" so far, with 2 more weeks left of this class. Plus I had my six month check up with my Heart Doc last week and she even said I was 'excellent'! Blood pressure was good. I still need to lose the weight I gained. Which comes down to exercise--more of it. Ick.

Found time to write fun fiction stuff. The dedication is already going to go to my classmates. It's their inspiration from our recent reunion. Stay tuned.

Coffee. Need it. Want it. Where is it?

OK, have you seen the clips for this Fall's TV show, "Hawaii Five-O?" It may be good--yet, I kinda feel there's just something wrong with that.....

Coffee. Gotta Get.



Old Kitty said...

Yay!!! Of course your work is excellent and worthy of more A's!!! Well done you!

Glad that you've also gotten all writerly and creative and inspired by your recent reunion! Good luck with that story!

I hope you got your coffee - I do know what you mean about having it made for you - the coffee is always a million times better when someone else make it!

Take care

Don's Girl said...

I did get coffee this morning. I stopped at 7-11, I can see eyes rollin'--I got Banana Split Cappucino...not bad...

Kitty, thanks for your support! If we ever met, establishments would throw us out because we'd be having too much fun!

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