Thursday, June 3, 2010

...and then what happened...

I was about to leave work-drained, wondering when I was going to really become 'one' with the new job. I'm almost there, not all the way, but almost. Looking back at last week, I already know more this week. Then it hit me--I still had school work when I got home.

Not feelin' that. To be in front of PC all day, then come home and straight away be in front of it again? Naw. I shoulda gone to the gym to get back in working out. Nope. What I did do, was lie down for few moments. More like an hour. Watched the news. Pet a cat. Popped my coumadin pill. Then I got up, put my food in the oven and out the door I went. .

What did I do? I got bit my a zillion 'skeeters and whatever else pops up out of the grass to feast on my legs and watered my backyard. I have sprinklers in the front but not in the back. The whole process was relaxing. Except for scratching my legs where critters bit me. Four of my houseful of cats decided to step out side. For one, it was his first time to venture out the door. And he'll be 3 years old on June 12. He didn't stay too long and wanted to go back and guard the house from the inside. The other three chomped grass while the weenie dogs next door watched them and the birds waited for them to go inside so they could munch at their own feeders. .

After all that, I ate my grub, caught up with my soap, pet another cat--and decided to do some school work. Got that done and once again. sighed a relief this class is over Monday. I also realized if I had to attend campus classes after work --oh my, I may have dropped most of it.

Any I could go on, alas Blue Bell Vanilla Cookies n Cream Ice Cream awaits. Priorities...


Old Kitty said...

I think this was a good day!!! You achieved all your goals (yes you have!! You are feeling ok and making progress at work, you felt relaxed and did your coursework!! All good!!) and the kitties got to chomp on grass and stuff! :-) I think I can guess which kitty chose to guard the house from inside!! :-)

You deserve your ice cream!

Take care

Noir the Texas Tabby said...

Hey--I think that kitty was bein' pretty brave to make sure his house was OK for all the other inhabitants--back in he went to do just that!! :)


sam said...

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